A dedicated, proven multidisciplinary team of data analysts, clinicians, technologists, epidemiologists, program managers and seasoned consultants support our federal customers and partners across multiple capability areas

Strategic Solutions

ICA harnesses the power of data to inform decision-making and support evidence-based policymaking.

  • Applying data science and artificial intelligence solutions to organizations’ problems
  • Providing high quality computational analytics
  • Analyzing large sets of data in a short amount of time using AI tools and analysis

Program Optimization:

  • Using data-driven approach to optimize business and drive growth
  • Finding inefficiencies and providing comprehensive strategies to streamline operations
  • Meeting our clients’ unique needs

Emergency Response/Preparedness:

  • Applying a data-driven, process improvement focused approach to disaster response and recovery, and preparation for future emergencies
  • Helping manage everything from communications, budgeting and strategic planning.​

Transformation/Mission Modernization:

  • Modernizing clients’ business and operations to move towards a digital and cloud approach
  • Helping clients accelerate workflows using modern techniques and technology

Digital Transformation:

  • Driving transformations to digitize approaches
  • Integrating innovative software solutions to modernize businesses​

Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Performing continuous assessment of business programs, workflows, and operations
  • Helping our clients’ organizational performances so that key business results are being met
  • Providing information and assessing activities to identify needed improvements