A dedicated, proven multidisciplinary team of data analysts, clinicians, technologists, epidemiologists, program managers and seasoned consultants support our federal customers and partners across multiple capability areas

Healthcare Research

ICA understands that evidence-based decision-making is critical to organizations successfully meeting and exceeding the demands of their missions. ICA established a fast-growing practice area dedicated to conducting research and analyzing data to produce actionable insights and recommendations on improving effectiveness and efficiency of organization’s programs, policies, and internal operations.

Real-World Evidence Identification and Review:

  • Assimilating data from multiple sources into standardized formats
  • Allow for automated processing and evaluation of data from real-world applications.

Systematic Literature Reviews (SLRs):

  • Conducting and publishing SLRs and meta-analyses for government agencies, academia and industry
  • Anticipating hurdles, planning effectively, and identifying and grading the evidence
  • Evaluating credible credible scientific evidence that allows our SLRs to drive public health decisions

Prospective Analysis of Extant Data:

  • Applying cutting edge data analytics to support organizations in leveraging data-driven insights to inform policymaking and improve operational practices.​

Surveys and Outreach:

  • Designing large scale quantitative and qualitative surveys
  • Developing advanced analytical methodologies
  • Leading complex research initiatives.

Environmental Scans:

  • Gathering data from a large variety of sources
  • Synthesizing data to provide defensible insights, and supporting data to guide organizations’ future decisions
  • Applying a modernized approach to provide insights in an accelerated manner.