Scott Orme

Deputy Director of Operations

Scott Orme, Ph.D., our Deputy Director of Data Science is an accomplished Data Science Leader and AI/ML Product Owner with over two decades of experience in healthcare analytics and data science. He has demonstrated expertise in leading high-performing analytics teams and managing advanced analytics in healthcare and business intelligence. With significant experience in AI/ML analytics, healthcare data, and clinical outcomes, Dr. Orme has contributed to substantial savings and solution delivery for various organizations. 

At Quantum Health, he expanded his role from managing a large team of consulting analysts to overseeing the full data stack of employees, establishing robust Business Intelligence and AI/ML capabilities for the enterprise. Before Quantum Health, he was a Director at Aver Inc., where he was instrumental in building an analytics design team for a healthcare technology startup, co-developing patent-pending technologies for bundled care solution delivery to hospitals and healthcare payors. 

Dr. Orme’s career also includes impactful roles at WPS Insurance Corporation and American Family Insurance, where he led analytics transformations and supported major initiatives in fraud detection and marketing optimization. He began his career in academia, teaching at the University of Wisconsin – Stout, where he fostered his interest in research and educational psychology. His educational background includes a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Pediatric Neuropsychology from the University of Utah, complementing his deep analytical expertise with a strong foundation in psychological principles.