Arlington, VA –ICA, a leader in federal health consulting, technology, and data science services, proudly announces Dr. Andrew Ritcheson as the new Vice President of Public Health Programs. With over two decades of expertise in the clinical research, healthcare, and advanced technology sectors, Dr. Ritcheson has a proven track record in delivering innovation, growth, and improved health outcomes. He is passionate about enabling next-generation research, enhancing patient care and behavioral health, and transforming organizational processes and culture. 

In his new role, Dr. Ritcheson will lead ICA’s efforts to enhance and expand its presence within the federal health market.  Aws Ali, ICA’s founder and President commented, “Dr. Ritcheson’s addition to the team underscores ICA’s commitment to advancing its mission of providing high-quality public health solutions to government clients.  His experience in leading multidisciplinary teams and accelerating growth will drive ICA’s Public Health Programs into a new era of innovation and expansion.  We are delighted to have him on our team!”

ICA is excited to welcome Dr. Andrew Ritcheson to its executive team and looks forward to his leadership extending the reach and impact of the company’s services in the public health domain.

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