A dedicated, proven multidisciplinary team of data analysts, clinicians, technologists, epidemiologists, program managers and seasoned consultants support our federal customers and partners across multiple capability areas

Infrastructure Solutions

ICA brings innovative technologies and a consultative approach to aviation technology with knowledgeable industry experts. Utilizing drone capabilities and remote sensing data capture methods, integrating intelligent AI solutions for maintaining airport infrastructures.

ICA delivers powerful analytical capabilities, artificial intelligence, and cloud engineering to provide compelling and actionable insights across the airport environment. ICA is an FAA approved sUAS vendor.

Infrastructure Inspections:

  • Capturing critical infrastructure data quickly, and safely
  • Providing insightful data on the health and conditions of assets
  • Guiding clients on where to allocate funds to optimize maintenance

Data Processing:

  • Providing data outputs that reveal business insights
  • Allowing integration into day-to-day operations
  • Processing multiple forms of data
  • Providing a return on investment

sUAS Airport Operations:

  • Providing best practices and a consultative approach to meet complex needs
  • Utilizing intelligent software and hardware solutions to prepare and plan for future technologies

Reporting and Insights:

  • Giving a deeper understanding of data
  • Allowing you to drive business decisions more quickly
  • Integrating artificial intelligence to further analyze data​

Cloud Data Migration:

  • Modernizing client missions through digital transformation
  • Integrating into everyday workflows seamlessly
  • Allowing for agility and flexibility within organizations

Various Data Capture Sensors:

  • Tailoring sensors to fit the need of any project
  • Providing the most valuable data
  • Offering remote sensing capture